EFZIN develops integrated and financially sustainable wellbeing projects around the globe for spas, clubs, companies, hotels, organizations and health care concepts.


Nobody cares about your ideas more than we do! Take your wellness into a new era with Ef-Zin, a state-of-the-art spa.

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The word ‘’EY ZHN’’ means a life that characterized by quality and completeness in ancient Greek. The term comes from the ancient Greek adverb Eu – means well and ancient Greek Zin (infinitive present tense of the verb ZO) indicating survival, life.

Our Life is determined by our Lifestyle, the way we live each day and our reactions to surround stimulations. The EFZIN brand born out of faith that we as a human kind have the need to follow a Lifestyle where we will be happy and full filled as individuals and as a whole. Our ancestors brought the ‘’EY ZHN’’ in their daily life and we are committed to deliver it in every individual as the evolution continues. Taking in mind each individual’s perception of living well and the needs of each human being we developed ‘’the art of living well’’ concept.

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