Wellness Concept Development

“Hospitality is in my DNA. It’s as simple as that” says the Greek-born Peter Eliopoulos who arrived in Toronto as a teenager bringing with him the love and flair for celebration through food and drink that Greece is famous for.

Like many Europeans who went to Canada, he grew up working in various restaurants and as a consequence what started as a small restaurant/bakery has grown to include several state-of-the-art venues and companies offering services.

Today when it comes to the corporate and social market, byPeterandPauls.com is the ultimate one-stop entertainment destination for all your hospitality and special events need.

The focus has always been on excellent customers service and as Peter Eliopoulos says “We love what we do and what we do always strives to give every client a 5-star experience”

Last but not least is that Peter Eliopoulos is also committed to giving back to the community as for him “It’s priceless”

Our goal is to plan and develop a Thematic Tourist village consisting of integrated and sustainable wellness & lifestyle indoor & outdoor facilities, supported by a 5 star accommodation and Residential Houses for Sale.

Our objective is the development of an innovative “Wellness & Lifestyle Community Village” which will promote an ‘’inclusive’’ concept where more humans will have the opportunity to follow a lifestyle to reach an optimal state of well-being.

Holistic well-being is based on millennia old Greek well-being tradition. The Greek holistic mind-body approach to health and happiness, is highly sophisticated, and is supported by the latest research developments in the sciences of well-being.

Our major market segment through the “Theme Tourism” will have as main shafts the following:

1. Wellness: We have designed our “Holistic SPA” based on the traditional ancient Greek Healing Centers & nature and updated by the latest cutting edge science on what works best to bring about wellbeing (hyperlink on psychological branch and research/application on happiness and health).

2. Wellbeing through nature activities such as: Forest Pathways, Mountain Bike etc. in our Mountain Adventure Center, Outdoor SPA, Meditation on nature, Traditional Events and Agriculture, Botanical gardens, Harvesting.

3. Culinary experience from our theme restaurants with indoor & outdoor experiences.

4. Cultural activities in our amphitheater and indoor & outdoor exhibition venues.

5. Entertainment Experience in our Halls and indoor & outdoor events venues.

6. Sports & Education in our Peter and Paul’s Theme Park with activities focusing on educating the younger generation in principles and philosophies of sustainability and holistic health.